Shore, Hong Kong’s go-to premium location for exquisite in house dry-aged steaks boasts a grand 10,000 sq ft. split venue featuring a lounge on the 3rd floor and a steak restaurant on the 4th floor of the L Place in the heart of the city, Central. The combination of the two venues, named after the fringe of land at the edge of water offers an excellent opportunity to host everything from grand events to intimate gatherings in either the ‘offshore’ lounge or ‘onshore’ restaurant.

The menu at Shore is equally as enticing as its setting, if not more so. Shore covers favourites from the Field, Farm, Sea and Grill featuring appetizing salads, succulent steaks and ocean fresh seafood. For those who prefer anything but steak, our selection of free range chicken, divine lobster dishes and sublime pork creations will leave you more than satisfied. Any choice from Shore’s desserts and cheese selection is the perfect way to complete your Shore experience on a sweet note.